What To Do For You In 2017

It’s a new year ! For me, a new year is like a new beginning. When the ball drops its a new opportunity to be better than you were in the previous year. Like most people, I set a few new years resolutions. And like most people I’ve given up on one or two already. But one thing I did notice last year, was that I put way too many people and things before myself. I was catering to everything but me and this year I decided that was going to change. I also feel like a lot of my friends went through this as well. So I compiled a list of a few things you should do for yourself this year.

STOP DOING THINGS YOU HATE – Doing things you hate literally drains you. Whether its the job you hate going to or the people you hate being around, just STOP ! Take some time, look for a new job, find some new friends and go do things you enjoy.

FIND A HOBBY – Take that cooking class, go to the dance workshop, pick up that pencil and start sketching. Whatever it may be, find something you love to do and do it !

STOP CARING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES OPINIONS – My mother always used to tell me that as long as you’re alive people are going to talk about you. Even when you die they’re still going to have something to say. So fuck it and fuck them. Who cares what anyone has to say about how you live YOUR life ! I promise once you stop caring about what people are going to think/say if/when you do something, your life will be so much better.

TRAVEL MORE – Invest in a passport ! It will be the best thing you can do. There is so much too see in this world. So many museums, malls, music, food, clubs, culture etc. to experience. Yes I know that traveling cost money so make a plan to save money. Whether its a trip to the next state or half way across the world, its worth experiencing. So call your bae, get your friends, or gather your family (the ones you can tolerate anyway) and plan your dream trip. I swear the world is bigger than Brooklyn and Miami.

READ MORE – Books are more accessible now. There’s Kindles, Ebooks, and your cell phone has an APP for you to download books from. You can read on your commute to work, during your lunch break or to wind down before bed. Last year I was able to read 14 books. (My personal goal was to read at least 1 book a month, this year it has increased to 2 books but we’ll see lol). Pick up a book and educate yourself on a topic you don’t know anything about, or learn more about something you have an interest in. Get lost in a really good book and escape reality for a while.

SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELF – Sometimes we encounter situations where we wish we would have spoken up or done something differently. Or when people try to peer pressure you into things. It’s okay to say No and not explain why. You really have to stop letting people walk all over you. Remember that what you allow is what will continue.

GET RID OF TOXIC FRIENDS AND FAMILY – We have those people in our lives that constantly put us down or make us feel bad about ourselves. Or try and judge everything we set out to do. Or even discourage us from doing the things we love ! Tell them to fuck off. It’s okay I swear. We have to stop letting toxic people get in our heads. These people aren’t your friends, and honestly you don’t have to deal with them if they’re your family either. Negative people will always be around and its up to you to not let them be. Do a social media cleanse, get rid of the “frenemies” , or even the people you don’t like. No need to keep them around. The only people you need around you are the people that want to be, the people that push you, and motivate you to be better. Let everyone else watch your glow up from a distance. #PositiveVibesOnly

last but not least

BE HAPPY – I know it’s easier said than done, but this is the most important. One thing I learned from last year is that you have to be your own happiness. No one can be that for you. People are disappointments sometimes and the quicker you learn that another human can’t be the source of your happiness (besides your child/ren) you’ll understand. Smile more. Laugh at corny jokes. Be more honest with your opinions and just speak your truth. It’s okay to be unapologetically you !!

These are just a few simple things you can do for yourself over the course of this year and even years to come. As I said in the beginning you have to put yourself before everything and everyone. Be selfish with you, your time, your feelings, and whatever else. Let it be all about you 2017 !

– The Not So Precious Gem


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